Label: Universal Music
Management and A&R: Anders Johansson /Albot&Albot

and Thell
Label: Playground Music
Management: Anders Johansson/Albot&Albot + Jon Allen/Buddy Allen

Label: Universal Music
Management: Anders Johansson/Albot&Albot + Jon Allen/Buddy Allen

Label:Universal Music/Polydor UK
Management: Jon Allen/Buddy Allen + Anders Johansson/Albot&Albot

Label: M Entertainment
A&R: Anders Johansson /Albot&Albot

Career milestones

1996 - The Cardigans (not my signing) goes No 1 in US with "Lovefool", the first US-No1 for Stockholm Records.
1997 - LOK - my first own signing - becomes the best selling hard core album in Sweden (certified Gold).
1998 - E-Type..s album "Last Man Standing" generates no less than five single hits ("Here I Go Again", "Angel..s Crying" etc) and sell double Platium.
1999 - A TEENS break the world and sell more than 3 million of their first album.
2000 - Antiloop returns with "Start Rockin..".
2001 - A Teens manages to deliver that "difficult 2nd album" and "Upside Down" goes No 1 on the US Teen radio. I also recieve my first two american gold albums for "Teen Spirit" and "Abba Generation".
2001 - Ainbusk become the biggest selling christmas record that year.
2001 - Universal buy Stockholm Records.
2001 - Ten Songs/Production is launched.
2002 - Frida Snell in nominated at the Grammis for "Best female artist of the year".
2005 – Thåström´s epic album "Skebokvarnsv. 209" wins Grammis.
2006 - Petter delivers his first gold single since "Så Klart" in the club classic "Det går bra nu".
2006 - Carola wins Melodifestivalen with "Invincible/Evighet".
2006 - Veronica Maggio is nominated for three P3 Gold, two Grammis and 2 Rockbjörnen.
2006 - Martin Stenmarck has the biggest song of the year "7milakliv" and returns with platinum selling album "Nio sanningar och en lögn".
2007 - Martin Stenmarck wins Song Of the Year at Rockbjörnen.
2007 - Martin Stenmarck wins Grammis for best song of the year.
2007 - Veronica Maggio wins Grammis for "Best newcomer".
2008 - Sahara Hotnights single "Cheek To Cheek" becomes the bands first gold single ever and their biggest hit(so far).
2008 - Sahara Hotnights album "What If Leaving Is A Loving Thing" turns Platinum.
2008 - Charlotte Perrelli wins Melodifestivalen with "Hero" ".
2008 - My new A&R-company "Albot&Albot" is launched."
2009 - Veronica Maggio gets nominated for five Grammis, the album sells Gold in Sweden. In Norway + Denmark the single - Måndagsbarn - is Gold.
2009 - Malena Ernman, first new artist on Albot&Albot, wins Melodifestivalen and single "La Voix" + album "La Voix Du Nord" sells platinum.
2009 - Carola sells Platinum of "Christmas In Bethlehem".
2009 - Stereolies, Albot&Albot´s artist , makes music for H&M´s campaign and the single sells gold and peaks at #2 in Spain.
2009 - Fibes, Oh Fibes wins Grammis "Best Pop album of the year", P3 Guld-nomination and has the 3rd most played Swedish song on radio in 2009.
2010 - Måndagsbarn is No1 in Norway and the album is Gold. In Sweden "17 år" is gold.
2010 - Malena Ernman´s "Santa Lucia" is the best selling christmas album of 2010.
2011 - No1 singles: Veronica Maggio´s "Jag Kommer" (platinum) and "Välkommen In" (platinum), Tejbz feat GWITHA and Pierre and Swingfly´s "Me and My Drum" (platinum). Gold singles: Ulrik Munther "Boys Don´t Cry", Crashdiet "Generation Wild".
2011 - No1 albums: Carola "Elvis, Barbra och Jag" (gold), Veronica Maggio "Satan i gatan" (double platinum), Ulrik Munther "Ulrik Munther". Top-5 albums: Sahara Hotnights, Crashdiet´s "Generation Wild", Malena Ernman "Opera di Fiori"
2011 - Veronica Maggio breaks the chart record with no less that 7 out of the top-10 most selling songs in one week. She also walks away with two awards at Rockbjörnen.
2012 – Ulrik Munther´s debut album goes gold, the single (Boys Don´t Cry) is gold and Soldiers is platinum.
2012 - Alina Devecerski´s single is No1 in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The single is x8 platinum and she´s also nominated for 3 Grammis and 2 P3 Guld Awards.
2013 - Veronica Maggio´s latest album release ”Handen I Fickan Fast jag bryr mig” turns 2xPlatinum and the first single ”Sergels Torg” is 3x platinum.
2014 - Veronica Maggio wins Rockbjörnen Årets Låt with Håkan Hellström and Grammis Årets Pop.
2014 - Peter Bassflow Boström produces the biggest song in german history - Atemlos Durch Die Nacht by Helene Fischer. It receives a Diamond Award.
2015 - Hela Huset Veronica Maggio and Håkan Hellström is certified x3 Platinum. Veronica Maggio also wins P3 Guld Guldmicken.
2015 - Smith&Thell wins Denniz Pop Award
2015 - Andreas Moe´s single ”Ocean” is gold.
2016 - Spotify announces the biggest female artist in Scandinavia ever - Veronica Maggio, Smith&Thell win ”Best Emerging New Talent” at Musexpo in Los Angeles. Maria Jane Smith&Victor Thell receive no less that 5 gold singles + 5 platinum singles as writers and producers in 12 months.
2017 - Smith&Thell´s ”Statue” is gold, Veronica Maggios wins ”Best Dressed” at Elle Awards.
2018 - Sandro Cavazza´s ”High With Somebody” is No1 and platinum, NOTD´s ”I Wanna Know” streams almost 200.000.000, Kygo Feat. Sandro Cavazza is platinum, Norlie KKV Feat. Estrad is the biggest song of the summer, Smith&Thell´s ”Forgive Me Friend” turns platinum.

Anders Johansson

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After spending years abroad in the US (California) and UK (London) I moved back to Sweden to work for Stockholm Records in 1996 (June 1, -06). In 2001 I was appointed Head Of A&R at Universal Music. In August 2008 I decided to start my own business focused on independent A&R-work and management. Almost 15 years down the line I enjoy my work more than ever. To spot and develop talent is greatest job one can have.

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